Thursday, August 31, 2006

We've hit a road block of sorts. The blocks haven't moved any in the last few weeks. I think everyone is busy with the "end of summer" activities. Soon we will have more photos to share. This is a great round robin and I think everyone is anxiously awaiting seeing the finished blocks -- I know I am.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Today's mail brought a wonderful surprise.
Look who came for an extended visit

Meet Bettina --- along with Bettina, sister of Beaker, came this note from Lynn:

"As I told you, Professor Pennypickle's assistant, Beaker, was unhappy to hear that Hitty had had an uncomfortable experience with mice. After a meeting with his numerous relatives (mouse moot, you know), Beaker's adventurous sister, Bettina, has decided to come for an indefinate visit to the Hitty Girls to assure them that not all mice are annoying!
She's dressed up in her best bow and button.
Love from Temecula, Lynn & Beaker"

Bettina took the Hitty's aside and opened the book, Hitty Her First Hundred Years and found the picture she wanted to show them --- "See", said Bettina, "the mice were only washing your face -- they meant you no harm".

Well, as you can see, Bettina is a hit with the girls. (below) They have become instant best friends. The girls asked about the "Hitty Block" that was in Temecula and Bettina told them all about it and how wonderful it is -- Beaker told her -- and Bettina was thrilled to get to see a block first hand herself (she was glad Jackie hadn't made it to the post office yet and she was able to admire the block with the Hitty girls).
Thank you, Lynn, for adding another wonderful story to the favorite book round robin blocks. I hope all of you have had fun reading about them too.
That's it for today, August 8, 2006.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

New photos of Lynn's addition to Hideko's block, Hideko's addition to Jackie S's block & Jackie Y's addition to Rendi's Block

Lynn's addition to Hideko's block

Jackie Y's addition to Rendi's block

Hideko's addition to Jackie Y's block