Thursday, June 01, 2006

One More :-)

We were just about to shut down the computer for the night when an email from Hideko came in -- along with a photo of the block for the Hitty girls --- Japan and Hideko was the first stop for their block in the round robin. The girls are just so thrilled. They send a million "thank you's" to Hideko. Here they are gathered around the computer screen looking at the wonderful addition Hideko has made to their block.

Here is a note from Hideko that came with the email:

Maybe you need some explanation what your Hitty saw in Japan. Please
read the following.

On fifth of May in 2007, Hitty came to Japan for the first time. It
was a Children's Day. She met a very pretty kitten.
"Hello, I am Hitty. Who are you?"
"I am Kitty."
Kitty is not so old as Hitty but also a very popular character for
Japanese girls over 30 years.
"What are those fish swimming in the sky? Are they tasty?"
"Oh, we can't eat them. They are koi-nobori (flags of carp) and have
no meat but only air in their body. They are symbol of strong
health and energy. Parents want their children grow like them."
Originally May 5th was a Boy's Festival Day in Japan.
"Then what do you eat today?"
"Kashiwa-mochi and chimaki." Both are sweets mede of rice and each
wrapped by oak and bamboo leaves.
"And do you have any special event?"
"To take a special bath."
"What is special?"
"A bunch of Iris leaves is put into the water."
It is said Iris leaves are good for health.
"Do you have a Girls' Festival Day, too?"
"Yes, it's March 3. It's a doll festival. You will see lots of
Japanese friends. Come to Japan again."
Hitty and Kitty promised to see again.

So, there are carp flags and irises. And though you might not
know, "Hello Kitty" character goods are so popular for years here.




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Hi Jackie. I just now found this blog and I love it. It is so sweet and so funny. I am LOL and enjoying the progress of this RR! :-)

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