Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hitty in CQMagOnline and CQI

Hitty and the "girls" have made it big time.
There is a story about the Favorite Book Round Robin in CQ Magazine Online.
If you haven't subscribed to this great online magazine, you may want to do so.
Here's a link to sign up.
  • Click here to join CQMagOnline
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    To request membership in the Crazy Quilting International group, click the link below.
  • CQI: Click Here

    Blogger Love to Lurk said...

    Found this blog from a link on another blog. This is great and it looks like such fun. I will contact CQI and the CQ Magazine online. Can't miss out on this LOL.

    5:20 PM  
    Blogger kerrykatiecakes said...

    Hi there! I noticed the link for joining CQI. That particular link will not work so will prove a bit frustrating. Here is one to take you to the right place:

    7:41 AM  
    Blogger Beadin' Gram said...

    Link is "fixed" -- shouldn't have a problem getting to CQI to request membership. Thanks, Kerry, for pointing out the link was incorrect.

    1:29 PM  
    Blogger falco348 said...

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    11:57 AM  
    Blogger upssidetown said...

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    2:41 AM  
    Blogger falco348 said...

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    4:14 PM  

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