Friday, July 14, 2006

Fell a bit behind

Lynn's Block Just Before it Left Illinois for Japan

Well, we fell a bit behind in keeping up the posts in this blog.
We were on vacation and now there are so many photos --- so, we have decided to just post our photos with the blocks as they arrive in Illinois. (We can't wait for Hideko's and to meet Kitty and see the carp - and Rendi is taking us to
Disneyland -- we've asked for ear hats LOL). In the meantime, Lynn's block arrived with the lovely addition of Salamanca (and now we want a horse) -- Here Hitty Brown is showing the lovely embroidery of Jackie S.

Before Lynn's block left Illinois for Japan, Hitty L had her picture taken with Jackie Y's addition --- the parrot that was given to the children by 'The Grand Sophy'.

Finally, here we are with Lynn's block just before it left Illinois. The "Favorite Book" round robins are really so much fun and there are so many wonderful and imaginative additions to all the blocks. Check out further down to see photos of the other blocks.

Soon I should be receiving Rendi's block from Jackie S. and will post photos of it too before it leaves here.


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I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.

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