Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hitty in Temecula, CA

(Don't forget to click on the photo for a larger image -- Beaker is so small you might miss him otherwise)

Is she here yet???
Is she here yet???
Poor Beaker, Assistant to Professor Pennypickle at the Imaginarium Museum in Temecula, CA, is racing around the museum looking for Hitty. Beaker even left his cookie jar in search of Hitty.

In Professor Pennypickle's absence, Beaker is to present the Key to the City of Temecula to Hitty. Beaker climbed to the book shelves and asked Mr. Monkey if he had seen Hitty. The monkey was unable to help Beaker so Beaker climbed back down the shelves and sat on a pile of books that Professor Pennypickle was using for research. He carefully sat there and looked about the room in search of Hitty -- the Key to the City still in his hands (paws? feet?).

Finally Beaker climbed to rthe radio unit at the museum and broadcast an appeal for anyone who has seen Hitty to please contact him.

You can imagine Beaker's surprise when he learned that the "real" Hitty would not be there -- but the traveling round robin block from CQI. Lynn saw the dissapointment in Beaker's eyes and allowed him to closely inspect the Hitty block -- he thanked Lynn and asked that she forward the Key to the City along with the block. Lynn assured Beaker that she would do this and added a lovely boquet of Temecula flowers to the block and what a wonderful block it is. Hitty, via her RR block has traveled to Japan (Hideko) and twice to California where she visited Disneyland (Rendi) and Lynn (Temecula). Next the block travels to New York state for a visit with Jackie S and then back to Illinois and home with the Hitty girls.

At last the girls were able to see a photo of their wonderful block -- they are so excited and want to thank Hideko, Rendi and Lynn so very much --- and Jackie S even though the block hasn't made it to New York yet -- we all just know it will be fabulous.

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