Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lynn's work on Rendi's block

Oh, WOW, look what was in our email this morning.

Can you believe how beautiful this is?

This is a close-up of Jadis --- maybe now we can get the movie to look at.
Lynn had outdone herself on this gorgeous piece of work. The beading is so lovely,
and well, just WOW --- We are so excited about seeing the other blocks --
so please send them to us so we can see first hand all the lovely work you
all have done. Now we have to really get Jackie S. block finished so we can send it
on to Hideko.

How are you doing, Hideko, Rendi, Jackie S? This is a really fun round robin and
we are so happy to be sharing in the fun.

The Hitty Girls
(and Jackie Y too)


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