Sunday, April 30, 2006

CQI Favorite Book RR ~ Hitty Her First Hundred Years

My Hitty girls were so excited when they heard I had chosen "their" book for this round robin.
Hitty Lotz and Hitty Brown dashed to get their trunk ----
A big trunk for such petite ladies,

Joined by a few other Hittys from the Young household (including a baby and a young girl)
they quickly began packing their trunk.

It was with regret that I had to inform them that only the CQ block was traveling ---
Sweet girls that they are, they just smiled, rehung their clothes and took the trunk back to it's storage place.

Since Hitty's are traveling (or pocket) dolls, it was hard for them --- but when I explained that all you wonderful stitchers,
Hideko, Rendi, Jackie S. and Lynn will be stitching something special to depict your home, they once again
smiled and were content. They will be looking forward to photos of your additions and the final return of the block.


Blogger Nathalie L. pour Histoires de boites à couture said...

I am french, I love your dolls, it's wonderful. J'adore vos poupées, vos RR sont superbes. Merci je reviendrais

1:19 PM  

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